General terms and conditions for Legehuset's Services

General terms and conditions for Legehuset's Services

Company information:

These general terms and conditions apply when you as a private person (consumer) or company order services from Legehuset Sverige AB, org. no. 559250-0929 ("Legehuset" / "us" / "we" / "our").Legehuset”/”us”/”vi”/”our”).

Our Services:

Services that you can order ("the Services") consist of PCR test for Covid -19 with the issuance of a travel certificate (medical certificate) based on the results of such PCR test; Antibody test and antigen test; or different kinds of vaccinations. You must be 18 years of age or older to order our services. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have received consent to your order from the guardian. In connection with ordering the service, you agree that these general terms and conditions are applied as part of the agreement between you / your company and us. Below is a brief description of available Services and certain requirements for the use of the Services. More detailed descriptions of each service and frequently asked questions and answers can be found on our website,

• PCR-test och/eller med reseintyg : :
The service is that you either do a PCR test and/or an Antigen test at one of our clinics or mobile solutions. An analysis of your test is then conducted. Suppose the analysis shows a negative result (i.e., according to the analysis, you do not have an ongoing infection with covid -19). In that case, we issue a medical certificate that proves this. The medical certificate is sent electronically according to the manner specified on our website. If the analysis shows a positive result, you will be notified of this. We then do not issue a medical certificate (travel certificate). For the sake of clarity, the service would therefore include either that a medical certificate (travel certificate) is drawn up or that you receive a positive result from the analysis of your test. Ordering any of Legehusets Services is done through our website, You can also order our services by phone or by visiting our locations during their drop-in hours, where our staff will help. To order the service, you can access our website We are also reachable by phone, and you can also order any of our services through the phone or by visiting our locations, where our staff will help. You can always contact our customer service at 010-550 26 00 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Antikroppstest och antigentest Covid-19:
Kortfattat innebär Tjänsten att du antingen testar dig via tidsbokning eller drop-in i våra egna kliniker eller via en av våra mobila testlösningar/enheter. En sköterska på kliniken och testar dig på plats. Du får sedan svar direkt på plats eller digitalt enligt önskemål. Vid behov av reseintyg för antigentest eller antikropptest Vid beställning av test med läkarintyg (reseintyg) översänds det elektroniskt på sätt som anges på vår hemsida. Visar analysen positivt resultat, meddelas du om detta. Vi utfärdar då inget läkarintyg (reseintyg). För tydlighets skulle innefattar alltså Tjänsten antingen att ett läkarintyg (reseintyg) upprättas eller att du erhåller ett positivt resultat av analysen av ditt test.

For details about which vaccines we offer, how our booking system functions, and how the drop-in times for each type of vaccines we offer, read more here.

Delivery time
Information about our delivery times on order confirmations, i.e. the time it takes to notify you that we have received a booking from you, is thoroughly explained hereTypically, we deliver confirmations within 24 hours of your booking. However, this is not a guarantee. We, therefore, advise that you place your order well in advance, with a margin for your trip.

The content of our services - including what our issued travel certificate contains and how it is designed - is described hereLegehuset takes no accountability for the content of our travel certificate and its design being accepted at your travel destination. As a customer, you have the utmost responsibility of ensuring that the travel certificate we issue is valid and works for entry into the country you are travelling to.

Agreement on the provision of the service

For services purchased at Legehuset, an agreement is reached on the provision of the service when we have confirmed the purchase by sending an order confirmation to the e-mail you specified in your booking. Legehuset reserves the right to change or cancel your order if we cannot adequately fulfil the service. We will then notify you as soon as we can. Through confirmations, these general terms and conditions become part of the agreement. For services performed during drop-in hours, agreements are final when payment has been made.

Processing of personal data

The Services include that we process personal data about the individuals to whom the service in question refers. The personal data processed for each service is stated in our privacy policy, which you can find hereFor Legehuset, the personal integrity of our customers and patients is of paramount importance. Therefore, the processing of customers 'and patients' personal data always takes place under applicable laws and regulations on the processing of personal data. This also includes that test results must be submitted as permitted by applicable laws and regulations. More detailed information about Legehusets processing of your personal data and the basis for the processing of personal data can be found in our privacy policy The privacy policy also includes clear instructions about your rights and how these rights can be plied. You can withdraw your consent to our processing of your health data at any time. You do this by reaching out to us at [email protected]. [email protected].

Prices and payment

All prices are stated in Swedish kronor, including any VAT. Payment is made through the selected payment method at checkout. The service will only start to be performed after we receive said payment. A receipt is then mailed to the e-mail provided in connection with the booking. For the sake of clarity- the price for PCR tests with travel certificates are the same, regardless of whether travel certificates are issued (after a negative analysis result), travel certificates are not issued (after a positive analysis result) or if analysis cannot be performed.

Right of withdrawal when purchasing via the internet

When purchasing through the internet, you as a consumer always have a 14-day right of withdrawal according to the Swedish Distance and Home Sales Act. The withdrawal period (14 days) starts to apply the day after the agreement is entered into (i.e. the day after our order confirmation). If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us clearly through e-mail at [email protected].You can also use the template for a withdrawal form that the Swedish Consumer Agency provides, see which you can send by e-mail or letter to us. The right of withdrawal ceases when you use all or part of the Services you have ordered. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, we will refund the payment made by you without deduction. We will refund the money to your bank account within 30 days of your order, provided that you have notified us of your bank account. Suppose you have booked an appointment for a PCR test with the issuance of a Travel Certificate at one of our clinics. In that case, you can cancel your appointment free of charge up to twenty-four (24) hours before your visit. Such cancellation is made by clicking "Cancel" in the e-mail we sent to you in connection with a booking or contacting our support at [email protected]The money is automatically refunded to your bank account upon cancellation if payment has been made in advance. If you do not cancel your appointment at least twenty-four (24) hours before your visit and do not show up, you will be charged 50% of the booked service amount.

Liability and limitation of liability

Legehuset is responsible for ensuring that our Services are performed professionally and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Legehuset is not responsible for deficiencies in the services that are attributable to you as a customer (e.g. that a travel certificate as described on our website at any time does not meet the requirements of your travel destination; or that tests have been taken too late or too early according to the requirements of entry at your travel destination; or that self-testing is performed incorrectly; or that the service is not performed or is not performed on time due to technical conditions in your equipment or connecting network). Legehuset is not responsible for deficiencies in services caused by errors in third party software or networks if Legehuset's professionals have tried to rectify or circumvent the error, or deficiencies in services due to virus attacks or the like, even though Legehuset has professionally taken protective measures. Legehuset is also not responsible for delayed service due to shortcomings in public communications (e.g. delayed postal service) or as a result of circumstances that constitute force majeure.PCR and other tests regarding Covid-19 do not give 100% correct results. A PCR test and other tests show a false negative or positive result. Legehuset is not responsible for the test result due to such a margin of error giving an incorrect result. Legehuset is accountable for shortcomings in the service caused by Legehuset's negligence. Legehuset has the right to remedy the error at its own expense, provided that this can be done within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to you as a customer. Legehuset must primarily remedy deficiencies in services through remediation if Legehuset can do this without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to Legehuset. If remediation cannot take place, you as a customer are entitled to a reasonable price reduction and, with the following limitations, compensation for any proven, direct damage. In all circumstances, the doctor's liability is limited to liability for proven, direct damage and to a maximum amount corresponding to the price of the service for the individual to whom the service relates. Legehuset is not responsible for consequential damages such as non-profit, non-expected savings and / or other indirect damages. This includes, for example, that Legehuset is not responsible for damage or costs as a result of deficiencies in Services regarding PCR tests with travel certificates which means that you can not travel to or be admitted to your travel destination.

Force Majeure

Legehuset is not responsible for damage as a result of strikes, fires, the exercise of authority, labour disputes, accidents, errors or delays in subcontractors, downtime in public communication systems or other circumstances beyond Legehuset's control and which Legehuset is not reasonably expected to count on and whose consequences Legehuset could not reasonably avoid or overcome.

Especially regarding corporate customers

As a corporate customer, the provisions on the right of withdrawal above do not apply. Furthermore, as a corporate customer, you are responsible for processing the personal data that you provide Legehuset with.


Per the agreement between you and us, Legehuset has the right to hire a subcontractor to fulfil the obligations of the services which we provide. Legehuset reserves the right to sumbit its rights and obligations, as according to said deal, to another company group.

Applicable law and dispute

Swedish law shall apply to the agreement. A general court shall try disputes arising from the agreement in Sweden.