Antigen test - Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Örebro & Linköping

ATTENTION! For everyone's safety, please note that you may not visit our cliniques if you have ongoing symptoms of Covid-19. Legehuset conducts tests with travel certificates for those who are going to travel or want to know if they have a persistent Covid-19 infection. We are open every day of the week and issue digital certificates in English. The certificate requires that you download the Coronafree app. Read more below. See our services, prices and answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

Antigen test Covid-19 + certificate SEK 295

Certificates are issued within 2 hours. For PCR tests, book & read more below here.

Antigen test with travel certificate - Certificate within 2 hours

If you plan a trip abroad shortly, you should know that different countries have different entry rules. Some countries require a certificate that proves that you have antibodies or a certificate confirming that you do not have an ongoing covid-19 infection. You are responsible for determining if you can and what you need to travel to a particular country. Legehuset issues certificates for Covid-19. Visit one of our clinics or book an appointment below. Our certificates are issued by doctors and are written in English. For T-cell tests read more or book an appointment here. For Antibodies click here. See our services, prices and answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

In the event of a positive test result from a covid test, our doctors will contact you for information on rules of conduct and infection tracking. We call from a hidden number, which can come during the day or late at night. This is important to know. The test result will be issued in the Coronafree app.

Legehuset is linked to the E-health authority's e-service Covidbevis. This means that your negative test for covid-19 can automatically be stored in a covid certificate. The certificate is a covid certificate, and the E-health authority approves it for travel in Europe. If you have a digital mailbox, the E-health authority will send your test certificate to it.

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For this to be possible:

  • You must have tested positive for covid-19.
  • Sampling must be performed at our clinic in Kista. The staff must physically perform the test on you. Self-sampling and self-testing do not apply. The test must be a so-called NAAT test (PCR or similar). Please note that antigen or antibody tests are not valid according to EU regulations.
  • Eleven days need to have passed since your first positive test result.
  • The proof must not be more than 180 days old from the day of the first positive test result. The validity period is thus a maximum of six months from the test result.
  • You must be 16 years of age and have a Swedish social security number and a civil registration address in Sweden. For children under the age of 16, guardians must request and receive the recovery certificate on behalf of the child.
  • If you have a digital mailbox (Digimail, E-books, Kivra or My government mail), your recovery certificate will be sent there.
  • If you do not have a digital mailbox, your proof of recovery will be sent to your civil registration address.
  • To receive your recovery certificate, you need to send an email to us at [email protected] in which you state your name, the last four digits in your social security number and the date you tested positive. In the heading, write Recovery certificate.
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As one of the most prominent PCR actors in Sweden, your safety and that of your fellow human beings are always our highest priority. We only use validated labs and CE-marked tests that meet the public health authority's performance requirements. The medical Covid-19 travel certificate (travel certificates are only issued in the event of a negative result), which is sent out, is written in English and is signed and stamped by a licensed doctor. The certificate contains analysis results, analysis method, sampling date and time, personal information (first and last name, social security number and passport number).

Our Covid-19 PCR tests (RT-PCR) are approved by the Swedish Public Health Agency and are CE marked with high reliability. We offer several different Coronatestes and use RT-PCR as standard, approved for entry to several countries, including Thailand and India. 

Please note that we are not responsible for the requirements and rules of different countries or tour operators. You need to find out what applies and what kind of certificate is required in your case.

ATTENTION! For everyone's safety, please note that you may not visit our cliniques if you have ongoing symptoms of Covid-19. 

Our services and prices

Right now, we offer antigen tests, including certificates for SEK 295. The certificate is issued within 2 hours. All certificates are issued digitally through the Coronafree app. Therefore you must download the app before taking samples. Read more about the Coronafree app here.

How to download the app, log in, and further important information about the app can be found here.

To book a PCR test or a express PCR-test visit the section for PCR on our website. 

Please note that we only accept card payments at our clinics.

The medical Covid-19 travel certificate are written in English and are signed and stamped by a licensed physician. The certificate contains your name, citizenship, passport number, where and when the said test was taken, and its results.

Our certificates are issued digitally through the Coronafree app. Without the app, the certificate cannot be issued. It is, therefore, important that you download the app and register your information before your visit. To download the app, click here or in one of the links below.  

- Coronafree for IOS (iPhone): Download here

- Coronafree for Andriod: Download here

Important! You should only use one type of login to access your certificate on the Coronafree app. If you have logged in with BankID, you should only do so in the future. If you choose to log in by e-mail at another time, a new account will be created, and the certificate will be sent there. Therefore, it is important only to use one account to end the certificate correctly.

You can access the certificate in two ways. Either directly via the app or by accessing via the web. If the phone has an older operating system or if for some other reason you cannot access the certificate via the app, you can log in via the page:

ATTENTION! The vaccination does not occur inside the clinic but at our vaccination unit outside the mall, at Danmarksgatan 38. It is important that the information you enter matches the information on the passport. This is the information we use to generate the certificate.

  • With your covid certificate, you will be able to safely and straightforwardly authenticate that you have tested negative for Covid-19.
  • The e-health authority automatically creates a test certificate.
  • The travel certificate contains a QR code.
  • The travel certificate is written in English and Swedish.
       Read more about Covidbevis here.
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* Legehuset is not responsible for whether a test would generate an unclear or invalid answer or if the test answer would be delayed for any reason. In rare cases, problems of this kind can arise. If this should happen, Legehuset offers the patient the opportunity to retake the test free of charge or receive their money back in the event of significant delays. Legehuset is not responsible for any costs for the patient due to this, e.g., missed trips.


All travel certificates we issue are in English.

Payment is made by card only. We, unfortunately, do not have the option of cash payment.

Yes, you can travel with your child. Each issued certificate can be sent to a guardian of the child. If the child is younger than 13 or simply doesn't have the option to download the Coronafree app, the abovementioned, option is available.

When you arrive for your sampling, you inform your care provider that you wish to have your child's certificate linked to you. When the doctor then issues the certificates, you will be able to see your certificate and your child's certificate in the app during your login.

You will receive an answer the same day for a PCR test, within 2 hours for an Express PCR test and within 2 hours for an Antigen test.

Yes, we perform express Coronatest in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping. You will receive a reply and certificate within 2 hours (in case of a negative result)

No, to minimize the number of people staying in the clinic at the same time, all certificates are sent electronically.

Legehuset also issues travel certificates to those who do not have a Swedish social security number.

Our goal is to answer calls as quickly as possible. At certain times, many people call simultaneously, which leads to extended response times. We do our utmost to answer your calls by phone, mail and on and For urgent matters during evenings and weekends, we refer to

Yes, all our certificates have a QR code.

Yes. All our clinics offer drop-in appointments.

Legehuset has two clinics in Stockholm. We also have clinics in Gothenburg, Partille and Linköping. See all here.

No. All our clinics are cash-free and only accept card payments.

You can find the opening hours for each clinic here

On behalf of the Västra Götaland Region, Legehuset helps with the mass vaccination of Västra Götaland's inhabitants. For more information, please visit our Covid-19 Vaccination Page

Legehuset only uses labs that are validated according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's requirements.