Blood sample

Health check-up through blood test

Get track of your health through a blood test. Our blood tests are carefully prepared by doctors and give you a clear insight into how your body feels on the inside. We have several different packages that check for allergies, hormones, possible vitamin deficiencies and your organs.

1. Pick a blood test

Choose one of our ready-made test packages for blood analysis and place your order here on the website. All our tests can be done without a doctor's referral.

2. Take your blood test

Our blood samples can be taken at several locations around Sweden. Most offer drop-in and the exam itself only takes a few minutes.

3. See your results

Within 3-5 working days, you will receive your answers in a personal journal, with an explanation of what exactly your values ​​mean.

Our blood tests 

To book an appointment and read more about the respective blood analysis, click "Book an appointment".

Keep track of your health by choosing the desired blood test package. You can either choose individual blood samples or selectively selected sample packages. For complete health check visit our section for Physical examinations

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