Blood Check Up

Get track of your health through a blood test. Our blood tests are carefully prepared by doctors and give you a clear insight into how your body feels on the inside. We have a number of different packages that check for allergies, hormones, possible vitamin deficiencies and your organs. 

A blood test could be an invaluable investment

Find out about your health status through a blood test

Our Blood Check Up

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Keep track of your health by choosing the desired blood test package. You can either select individual blood samples or selected sample packages. For complete health checks visit our section for physical examinations.

Allergy check-up

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The Allergy check-up is for you who suffer from allergy problems. The blood test provides answers to whether you have allergies and in such cases, which allergy you are suffering from. We offer a selection of allergy tests.

Organ check-up

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The organ check-up are specific blood tests that measure values ​​for each organ. You can perform the organ check-up to examine, for example, the liver, kidneys or heart.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and answers connected to our Blood analyzes.

Before your physical examination: Don't eat after 10:00 PM the night before the examination. You can drink water on the morning of the examination, but limit it to 1 or 2 glasses.
Avoid cigarrettes and other forms of tobacco.

Do take the medication/s you are currently on, unless other instructions are provided.