Läkarintyg – Sjöfart

Medical certification


Läkarintyg för sjöfart/sjöfolk - Just nu endast tillgängligt i Kista

You can work at limited, unlimited, and internal speed as a sailor. The authorisation is usually valid for 2–4 years, depending on your license. A rule of thumb is that the greater the speed range you work in, the more medical requirements are placed on the medical certificate.  

Boka din tid idag, så hjälper vi dig med läkarintyg Sjöfart/Sjöfolk. Vi utfärdar läkarintyg för Sjöfart/Sjöfolk på alla våra mottagningar i Stockholm. Vårt mål är att kunna erbjuda marknadens bästa pris på Sjöfart/Sjöfolk läkarintyg, vi erbjuder därför prisgaranti på alla våra läkarintyg*.

The Swedish Transport Agency advises everyone who applies for unlimited speed to get vaccinated against Tuberculosis.

Legehusets Seaman/Seafarers certificate is issued per STCW Manila, and we are also connected to the maritime medical web. The certificate is electronic, but you always need to have it on you. 

The medical examination takes place digitally. A nurse performs the physical examination. Then you meet one of our doctors digitally to review the test results.  

What is examined in medical certificates for seafarers?

A selection of the areas examined within the scope of the certificate are: 

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Weight measurement
  • Hearing examination
  • Eye examination

Don't forget to fill in a health declaration before your visit. The health declaration is sent out in connection with your booking.

I vilka städer utfärdar ni läkarintyg för Sjöfart/Sjöfolk? 

Vi utfärdar läkarintyg på alla våra mottagningar i Stockholm (Kista, Hammarby Sjöstad och Tyresö).

*How does your price guarantee for medical certificates work?

We offer a price guarantee against other private healthcare providers on vaccinations and medical certificates. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Örebro and Linköping.

The price guarantee applies to the regular price. The price guarantee does not apply to temporary promotions and other offers.


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