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Medical certificate EKG - Available in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping and Örebro

The EKG shows that you have undergone an EKG test. An EKG measures the electrical activity in the heart and is used to diagnose heart diseases and monitor those already diagnosed. The EKG procedure is quick and painless and takes only a few minutes. The result shows how the heart beats and how much electrical activity there is in the heart.

Book your appointment today, and we will help you with an EKG test.  We issue medical certificates for EKG tests at all of our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Linköping, and Örebro. Our goal is to offer the best market price for medical certificates, so we offer a price guarantee on all of our medical certificates*. 

The examination takes place digitally. A nurse performs the physical examination, and you then meet with one of our doctors digitally to review the test results.  

What is examined in the medical certificate for EKG? 

A selection of the areas examined within the scope of the certificate are: 

  • Rythm of the heart

In which cities do you issue medical certificates for EKG? 

We issue medical certificates at all of our clinics in Stockholm (Kista, Hammarby Sjöstad, and Tyresö), Gothenburg, Linköping, and Örebro.

*How does your price guarantee for medical certificates work?

We offer a price guarantee against other private healthcare providers for vaccination and medical certificates. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Örebro, and Linköping.

The price warranty applies to the regular price. The price warranty does not apply to temporary campaigns or other offers.


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