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Medical certification


Medical certificate for driver's license professional qualifications

Do you work as a professional driver or are you on your way into the profession? To be allowed to drive a truck and heavier vehicles, such as a bus, you need a to obtain professional qualifications.  

Book your appointment today, and we will help you with a medical certificate for your professional qualification.  

Professional qualifications may also be relevant for you who drive a motorhome, caravan and other trailer or for you who are a professional driver and need to renew your higher authorization. We can issue certificates of higher qualification for D1, D1E, D, DE, C1, C1E, C, CE.    

The examination takes place digitally. A nurse performs the physical examination and you then meet with one of our doctors digitally to review the test results.  

What is examined in medical certificates for professional qualifications? 

A selection of the areas examined within the scope of the certificate are: 

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Eye examination
  • Health declaration.
  • Pulse measurement

Are you a professional driver or holder of a driver's license with professional qualifications? 

From the year you turn 45, your C driving license needs to be renewed every 5 years. The Swedish Transport Agency sends out information regarding this to your civil registration address in good time so that you have time to apply for a renewed authorization. Remember that the application must be submitted to the Swedish Transport Agency before the driver's license expires.

Are you diabetic and in need of a renewed driver's license? Read more here.


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