Läkarintyg – Taxi/Uber

Medical certification



If you wish to obtain a taxi license, an approved medical certificate is required. The Swedish Transport Agency requires applicants to present an approved medical certificate to drive taxi vehicles.  

As a professional driver, you can be called to renew your driver's license. With each renewal, a newly issued medical certificate is also required that confirms that the applicant is in good health.  

Our staff at Legehuset are experienced in assisting professional drivers and other professional groups in their care needs. As a professional driver, you can turn to us for a professional, knowledgeable and fast process for issuing your medical certificate.

Vad undersöks i läkarintyg för taxi? 

Ett urval av de områden som undersöks inom intygets omfång är: 

  • Blood sample 
  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse measurement
  • Eye examination


Do you need a medical certificate for a higher authorization for a truck? Read more about that service here. 

Don't forget to fill in a health declaration before your visit. The health declaration is sent out in connection with your booking.



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