Right now: T-cell test for 1495 SEK

T-Cells are an essential part of our immune system. They orchestrate the immune system and decide how the body should fight viruses or bacteria. The T cells help the B cells that make antibodies and decide what type of antibody to form.

T-cellsimmunity differs from antibody testing because it shows immunological memory. Even if an antibody test is negative, one can have T cell immunity and be immune to Covid-19. 

Therefore, a T-cell test against Covid-19 can be used effectively to examine whether you have had Covid-19 before. Further, it works to ensure that the Covid-19 vaccination has worked.

As one of the first care providers in the world, Legehuset has chosen to offer the opportunity to take a T-Cell test. We use Mabtech's CE-marked test when sampling.

Read more about frequently asked questions and answers for T cells here

1495:- for T-cell test (Campaign price)
1745:- for T-cell test + certificate*

* Please note: No country currently accepts T-cell certificates as a valid travel certificate. Different countries have different rules of entry. It is important that you know beforehand what kind of certificate you need to travel to that particular country.

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