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Our healthcare services

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Vi erbjuder vaccinering, läkarintyg och ett flertal andra vårdtjänster i våra kliniker i Stockholm, Göteborg, Örebro och Linköping. För covidrelaterade tjänster, läs mer here.


Vårdbussen are our new mobile care clinics that come to you. In each mobile care clinic, we offer a selection of care services. Among these services, we offer vaccination against TBE, Basic protection and Hepatitis A+B.



We vaccinate against TBE in all our clinics and in our mobile care units. See schedule for drop-in or book an appointment at one of our clinics.


Medical certification

At Legehuset, you can easily book an appointment for your doctor's certificate. Below you will find a selection of our medical certificates. We issue the majority of the medical certificates that may be needed.



We offer a varied selection of vaccinations in our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Malmö Linköping. For Covid services, read more


Physical examination

Keep track of your health and detect any abnormalities through a health check.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and answers connected to our health services.

Vårdbussen are mobile care clinics that offer a dozen different care services. Among these, vaccinations such as TBE (tick vaccine), Basic protection and Hepatitis A + B are offered. 

Vårdbussen also gives visitors the opportunity to perform PCR tests and Antigen tests. The care bus will soon also offer sampling for various public health diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. 

TBE is found mainly in large parts of Europe and Asia. TBE is a growing disease and everyone around risk areas is recommended to get vaccinated. The most significant risk areas are especially nature areas during the summer. If there are plans to stay out in the woods and fields, getting vaccinated well in advance is essential.

Before the health check, you must not eat or drink after 22 the evening before the sampling. You may drink water (1-2 glasses) in the morning before sampling. Avoid smoking and snuff. Take any medications as usual unless otherwise instructed.

Yes, we offer drop-in appointments at all clinics. This presupposes that it does not clash with booked times.

Payment is made by card only. We, unfortunately, do not have the option of cash payment.

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