Antibody Test and Quantitative Antibody Test

Legehuset conducts antibody tests that detect antibodies and can give you answers if you have had Covid-19. We are open every day of the week and provide you with the test result within 15 minutes after the test.

New! Quantitative antibody test. 

A quantitative antibody test gives you an approximate of how many antibodies you have. The test shows if you have a low-positive or high-positive value. Only offered in Stockholm at the moment. Read more below.

Quantitative antibody test Only offered in Stockholm at the moment 

You can follow up your values ​​after infection or after the covid-19 vaccination with a quantitative antibody test. A quantitative antibody test is taken venously and gives you an approximate of how many antibodies you have. A quantitative antibody test has a response time of about 3-5 working days.

Test only: 595:- 
With certificate: 745:-

Book Time for Antibody Test in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö & Linköping

You can easily book an appointment at one of our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Linköping through our booking page or phone. 


Quantitative antibody test – 595:-
Quantitative antibody test + Certificate – 745:-
Fit For Fly / Fit For Travel Certificate – 800:-

 - Tailored based on number of employees - price on request

Vad är ett kvantitativt antikroppstest/What is a quantitative antibody test?
Ett kvantitativt antikroppstest ger dig en siffra på hur många antikroppar du har. Detta kan vara viktigt för dig som vill följa upp dina värden efter genomgången infektion eller covid-19 vaccinering. Du får inte längre bara positivt eller negativt. Med ett kvantitativt antikroppstest får du ett värde samt om det är ett  lågpositivt eller högpositivt värde.
ENG: A quantitative antibody test gives you a figure of how many antibodies you have. This may be important for you who want to follow up your values after an covid-19 infection or covid-19 vaccination. You no longer get only positive or negative. With a quantitative antibody test, you get a value and whether it is a low-positive or high-positive value.

Do you issue travel certificates in English? 
All travel certificates we issue are in English.
ENG: All our travel certificates are issued in english. 

Hur snabbt kan ni utfärda ett Covid-19 reseintyg? / How quickly can you issue a Covid-19 travel certificate? 
Du får svar dagen efter genomfört test, efter klockan 19:00.
ENG: You’ll receive the certification at 7pm the day after the test has been taken. 

Do you issue express certifications? 
Vi utför express Coronatest, dock endast i Kista-kliniken. Om provtagning sker innan klockan 15:00 kan man få svar samma dag.
ENG: Yes, we do offer express certificate. If the test is taken before 12pm you’ll receive the certificate on the same day. 

Måste man ha ett svenskt personnummer för att få ett reseintyg? /I don’t have a swedish social security number can you still issue a travel certificate? 
Legehuset utfärdar reseintyg även till dig som saknar personnummer. Vänligen se till att skriva in ditt pass-nr när du bokar.  
ENG: Yes, we can issue travel certificate even if you don’t have a social security number. Please ensure to include your passport number when you make the booking.  

Jag har försökt ringa er men kommer inte fram på telefon? / I can’t reach you by phone?
Our goal is to answer calls as quickly as possible. At certain times, many people call simultaneously, which leads to extended response times. We do our utmost to answer your calls by phone, mail and on and For urgent matters during evenings and weekends, we refer to
ENG: We do our best to answer your call as quickly as possible. You can always reach us by emailfacebook and Instagram. If urgent during evenings and weekends please contact us on facebook

Do you offer drop-in appointments?
Vi erbjuder drop-in tider.
ENG: Yes we offer drop-in. 

Vart kan man testa sig? /Where can I take a test? 
Legehuset har 4 mottagningar i Stockholm samt en i Linköping och en i Malmö. Du hittar alla here
ENG: We currently have 4 clinics in Stockholm, one in Linköping and one in Malmö. You can find the address to them here

What are your opening hours? 
You can find the opening hours for each clinic here
ENG: You can find our opening hours here.

I live in Malmö and need to go to Copenhagen. Can I take a Coronatest from you, valid for entry to Copenhagen? 
Legehusets's clinic in Malmö, like all our other clinics, uses Covid-19 tests, including PCR tests and Antigen tests, which the Swedish Public Health Agency approves. We also issue travel certificates that are valid for entry to Copenhagen.

Does the clinic in Linköping take Antibody Tests? 
Legehusets clinic in Linköping conducts both PCR tests, antigen tests and antibody tests.