Book an appointment for Covid-19 Vaccination in Stockholm

Legehuset helps on behalf of the Stockholm Region with the mass vaccination of Stockholm residents.

Vi vaccinerar dos 1-dos 5. Vi erbjuder tidsbokning (endast via Alltid öppet) och drop-in (i mån av tid och i mån av tillgång till vaccin). Helt kostnadsfritt.

OBS! The vaccination does not take place inside the clinic but at our vaccination unit outside the mall, at Danmarksgatan 38.

All residents for the elderly (SÄBO), all residents who receive home health care or home care and all residents who are 65+ can be vaccinated for a second supplemental dose (dose 4).

We now vaccinate with the updated vaccine. Read more here.

Our clinics:

Legehuset Kista - Danmarksgatan 38, 164 91 Kista. (Outside Kista Galleria, opposite Kista Galleria's bus stop.)

Opening hours drop-in: Mon-Sun 10: 00-18: 00Lunchstängt kl 12:00-13:00

Stängt 5/11

Legehuset Hammarby Sjöstad - Jan Inghes torg 2, 120 71 Stockholm

Öppettider drop-in: Mån-fre: 09:00-16:30Lunchstängt kl 12:00-13:00

You can find all information about appointments and drop-in vaccination against covid-19 on this page. The page is continuously updated with the latest information. Read more below.

Why should I get vaccinated against Covid-19?

Covid-19 är en allvarlig och mycket smittsam sjukdom. Vaccin ger ett effektivt skydd, och fyller en viktig funktion för att kunna minska smittspridningen. Därför bör alla som kan vaccinera sig mot sjukdomen.

We at Legehuset are one of Sweden's largest healthcare providers working with Covid vaccination. We, therefore, attach great importance to you as a patient having a safe and secure vaccination experience with us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any thoughts. 

We follow the public health authority's recommendations on who can be vaccinated.

  • You need to bring identification with you when you vaccinate.
  • It is good to wear clothes that make it easy to access the upper arm during a vaccination. For example, a short-sleeved shirt.
  • Arrive at the vaccination at the appointed time and not far in advance, if you have booked an appointment.
  • Fill in the health declaration (through the "Always Open" app)
  • If possible, come to your vaccination time alone.
  • Avoid bringing small children. Even if it is unusual, you may get a reaction. A small child may find it nasty. The staff needs to have full focus on you, which can be difficult if the children are involved.
  • Feel free to bring a face mask

Covid-19 vaccination is booked via the app Alltid Öppet, alternatively via the region's call center by phone 08-428 429 30. We also offer drop-in times. 

You who have taken dose 1 or dose 2 from another player and book with us for a new dose, book yourself at Alltid Öppet just as usual. 

We now offer Covid-19 vaccination to the following groups:

  • Du är bosatt i Sverige och är 18 år eller äldre.
  • You who are pregnant must be in pregnancy week 13.
  • All residents for the elderly (SÄBO), all residents who receive home health care or home care and all residents who are 65+ (born 1942 or earlier) can be vaccinated for a second supplemental dose (dose 4).