Drive-in test in Stockholm - Get answers on whether you have Covid-19 or the flu

You are welcome to our new drive-in if you have continuing and/or ongoing symptoms and think you may have been infected with Corona or the annual flu. With our new drive-in infection test, you can quickly and easily determine whether you have Covid-19 or the flu. 

Our drive-in testing station is only available in Kista Galleria (opposite the bus stop). 

Drive-in: Antigentest + certification 295kr.

Drive-in: PCR-test + certification 895kr.

Drive- In - Infection test that gives you the answer to whether you have Covid-19 or the flu

The symptoms of the annual flu and Covid-19 are similar, and it can be difficult to know what strain of virus you might be carrying. Both infections are spread via contact infection and droplet infection. You usually develop symptoms such as fever, dry cough and fatigue from both flu and Covid-19.

Legehuset has developed various packages to help infected people determine whether they have been affected by Covid-19 or the annual flu. You can quickly obtain answers to our infection tests by booking an appointment at our drive-in station in Kista. Med våra drive-in infektionstest så kan du snabbt och enkelt få svar genom att boka in dig för provtagning i vår drive-in station i Kista, Stockholm. Adressen är Danmarksgatan 38, Kista. 

The Swedish Public Health Agency approves all tests we use. See prices and the different packages below.

Prices & Packages

  • Antigen + Influenzatest – Drive-in test
    PRICE – 495:-
    Time required: About 15-20 minutes. You will receive your test answer electronically via email or BankID.
  • Antigen + Influenza + strep A-test*
    PRICE – 595:-
    Time required: About 15-20 minutes. You will receive your test answer electronically via email or BankID.
  • PCR + Influenza test
    PRICE – 1095:-
    Time required: You will receive your test answer the same day via email or BankID
  • Antigentest + certification
    PRICE – 295:-
    Time required: Du får ditt provsvar inom 2 timmar i Coronafree appen
  • PCR + Certification
    PRICE – 895:-
    Time required: Du får ditt provsvar samma dag i Coronafree appen

Issuance of certificate – 295:-

Om du söker Strep A-provtagning som avser bakteriell halsfluss (streptokocktonsillit) och det visar sig vara positivt kan det i de flesta fall behövas antibiotikabehandling. För att läkaren skall ha tillräckligt med underlag inför ev. antibiotikainsättning behövs svar på en rad frågor som kommer att ställas vid provtagningstillfället. Notera att det i så fall tillkommer en extra avgift på 300 :- för utfärdande av recept.
  • Uppfyller du centorkriterierna för bakteriell halsfluss (streptokocktonsillit)?
  1. Feber ≥ 38,5 grader.
  2. Rodnade svullna tonsiller hos barn 3–6 år, alternativt belagda tonsiller hos äldre barn och vuxna.
  3. Ömmande adeniter i käkvinklarna.
  4. Frånvaro av hosta.
  • Har du reagerat allergiskt mot antibiotika någon gång?
  • Minns du vilket antibiotikum?

How Drive-in testing works - Instructions for booked appointments

Important information in case of positive test result of covid test

In the event of a positive test result from a covid test, our doctors will contact you for information on rules of conduct and infection tracking. We call from a hidden number, and the call can come during the day or late in the evening. This is important to know.

The test result will be issued in the Coronafree app.


Address - Kista Gallerian

To help people with ongoing symptoms, we have opened a new clinic that tests you who suspect that you may have been infected with Covid-19 or the annual flu. Our new test station for infection testing is located outside Kista Gallerian, opposite Kista Gallerian's bus stop. 

Legehuset Kista Drive-in Testing
Danmarksgatan 38
164 91 Kista