Occupational health care

An investment in health that pays off for employees and the company.

Staff who are healthy perform better, which leads to an improved work environment and profitability for companies. That is why we have developed Legehuset's company care, whose primary goal is to contribute to prosperous staff and companies.

Our surveys help identify possible health problems and provide an insight into how employees feel and suggestions for initiatives that could improve their health. Focusing on preventive health care instead of reactive reduces the risk of sick leave, staff turnover, and lost profitability.

Our examinations always include sampling, screening, testing and evaluation. All our samples are taken together with a doctor. Therefore, we can adapt the examination based on specific company wishes and with the opportunity to examine the company- on location.

A health examination is an investment in the short and long term. Our vision is to contribute to a healthier work climate where companies and individuals have better health knowledge.

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