Yellow fever



Yellow fever

Yellow fever is a dangerous viral disease that occurs mainly in northern South America, Central America and Africa. Mortality is very high, and every year tens of thousands of people die due to yellow fever. The disease symptoms are nausea, fever, pain in the body and damage to the liver. Because the liver is damaged, a yellowish appearance appears on the skin, which has given the disease its name.
According to the World Health Organization, WHO, about 200,000 people get yellow fever every year. About 30,000 people die. Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes and monkeys, making it impossible to completely eradicate or control the disease. However, there is vaccination against yellow fever, and more and more people are being vaccinated against it.

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When is yellow fever vaccination needed?

Yellow fever is one of the most dangerous viral diseases a tourist can suffer from. Therefore, anyone travelling to countries with a risk of infection is recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever. All countries in Africa and South America have a high risk of infection. Yellow fever is such severe disease that several countries require a vaccination certificate to enter the country. Even countries where yellow fever does not occur may need a vaccination certificate if you have previously been in a country with infection risk. Pregnant individuals with a weakened immune system should not be vaccinated against yellow fever as there may be complications.

Does the yellow fever vaccine have any side effects?

The vaccine's serious side effects are infrequent but may occur in isolated cases. For example, there may be allergic reactions or, in sporadic cases, a form of yellow fever. Mild side effects such as swelling, redness and itching around the injection site are common.

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