Hepatitis B



Hepatitis B

This viral disease is related to hepatitis A. Unlike hepatitis A, hepatitis B does not spread as quickly. The spread of hepatitis B is through blood or body fluids. For example, the infection is transmitted through needles from an infected person to a healthy person. The condition can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

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Duration: 15 min

Symptoms of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is not considered dangerous but more of unpleasant disease. Unlike hepatitis A, an individual can only be infected with hepatitis B once. However, the symptoms of the various conditions are similar in fever, headache, joint pain, yellowish appearance on the skin and even nausea. However, there are some cases where the disease can be chronic. Vaccination against hepatitis B is available for both children and adults.

When is hepatitis B vaccination needed?

Because hepatitis A and hepatitis B are related, most people usually get vaccinated against both diseases with a combination vaccine. Vaccination against hepatitis A and hepatitis B is needed when travelling abroad to countries with a risk of infection. Countries in Asia, South America and Africa are the most common parts where vaccination may be regular. In Sweden, it is very unusual to be infected with hepatitis B.

Does the hepatitis B vaccine have any side effects?

Mild side effects occur, such as swelling, redness and irritation around the injection site. However, this disappears by itself within a few days. Side effects such as headache or fever are less common and go away quickly. More severe reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine are infrequent.

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