Measles (MPR)




Measles (MPR)

The measles vaccine is part of a combination vaccine called MPR (measles, mumps, rubella). The combination vaccine is included in the Swedish general vaccination program. Most children in Sweden have received the vaccine. Measles is very rare in Sweden, but there may still be a few isolated cases. It is essential to tell others about your own or your child's infection, as the diseases (MPR) are severe. Although the diseases included in the combination vaccine do not usually occur in Sweden, it is essential to think about vaccinating oneself and one's child because the infection for the diseases are found around the world.
Measles, mumps and rubella usually affect adults harder than children. For people who have not been vaccinated with the combination vaccine at an early age, it is, therefore, an excellent recommendation to take the vaccine in adulthood.

PRICE: 425 kr

Duration: 15 min

Does the measles vaccine have any side effects?

Side effects of the MPR vaccine are usually fever during the week around the vaccination. The fever is not dangerous but can be experienced as unpleasant. The most severe side effect is meningitis; however, it is exceptionally uncommon to suffer from it. However, meningitis caused by the diseases is more common, making the vaccine a safer choice.
Since 1998, there has been a controversy over-vaccination, which is about vaccination with MPR can cause autism in young children. After reviews of investigations that have claimed it, the allegations have proven to be incorrect. New studies have also been done, and there are no indications that vaccination with MPR would cause autism in young children. However, the opposition-led some parents to vaccinate their children, especially in the UK and the US. This resulted in measles and mumps increasing and struck children with many deaths.

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