Meningococci can cause meningitis and consist of a group of bacteria. Those who are more affected by the disease are young adults and children at a young age. The disease symptoms are similar to the flu and are most common during the winter. Meningococci can be very serious and sometimes even lead to death. There is also a more severe form of meningococcus characterized by decreased blood pressure and blood poisoning with skin bleeding. Today, 13 different groups of meningococci have been identified. Among other groups: W-135, A, B, C, X, Y. If the disease occurs, it is possible to treat it with antibiotics. It is also possible to be vaccinated against some bacterial groups in meningococci.

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When is meningococcal vaccination needed?

In Sweden, the disease is unusual, but some cases occur. Reports of significant outbreaks in recent years have so far come from Africa. Because there are different groups of meningococci (the most common are A, B, C, Y and W), vaccination against one group can not protect against infections via other bacterial groups within meningococci. Individuals with a disease state that may increase the risk of developing an invasive meningococcal infection should take the vaccine. When travelling to places where the infection is current, everyone is recommended to take the vaccine.

Does the meningococcal vaccine have any side effects?

Although you can treat the disease with antibiotics, it is essential to get vaccinated to prevent dangerous infections. Most people experience mild side effects such as swelling, tenderness and redness around the injection site. Serious side effects of the vaccine are infrequent.

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