Vaccination mot pneumokocker - Vi finns i Stockholm, Göteborg, Partille, Linköping och Örebro

Pneumokockbakterien kan vara orsaken till exempelvis öroninflammation, bihåleinflammation och lunginflammation. Bakterien drabbar för det mesta individer över 65 år eller yngre barn under 2 år. Sjukdomarna orsakade av pneumokocker kan behandlas med antibiotika. Allvarliga fall som orsakas av pneumokocker är ovanliga men kan förekomma. Exempelvis i form av blodförgiftning eller hjärnhinneinflammation. Dödsfall kan uppstå vid komplikationer.

Book your appointment today, and we will help you with your pneumococcal vaccination. We vaccinate against pneumococci at all our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Linköping and Örebro. We aim to offer the market's best price on vaccines against pneumococci; therefore, we offer a price guarantee on all our vaccinations*. 


Pneumovax – 430 kr

Apexxnar – 920 kr

Duration: 15 min

When is pneumococcal vaccination performed?

The pneumococcal vaccine comes in two forms. The first form is called the conjugate vaccine and occurs in the childhood vaccination program. The vaccine is given in three doses at three months, five months and 12 months. Children between the ages of 1 and 2 receive two doses of the vaccine instead. Those between 2 and 5 years of age are offered vaccination with either one dose of PCV13 or two doses of PCV10. The vaccine can then be supplemented to cover pneumococci until they are six years old. Both children and adults in any risk group are recommended to be vaccinated with a conjugate vaccine. The second form of vaccination is called the polysaccharide vaccine. This is recommended for children and adults at greater risk of developing severe pneumococcal infections. People over the age of 65 are advised to take the vaccine.

Does the pneumococcal vaccine have any side effects?

Pneumococcal infections have become more and more resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it is essential to get vaccinated to prevent these infections. Side effects that may occur in connection with the vaccine are redness, itching and swelling around the injection site. For infants, the side effects can be irritability and fever. Sometimes some may even experience decreased appetite. Few people may even experience vomiting, diarrhoea or allergic reactions.

I vilka städer vaccinerar ni mot pneumokocker? 

We vaccinate at all our receptions in Stockholm (Kista, Hammarby Sjöstad and Tyresö), Gothenburg, Partille, Linköping and Örebro.

*How does your price guarantee on vaccination work?

We offer a price guarantee against other private healthcare providers on vaccinations and medical certificates. We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Partille, Örebro and Linköping.

The price guarantee applies to the regular price. The price guarantee does not apply to temporary promotions and other offers.

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