Polio has proven to be one of humanity's most detrimental diseases. Polio is a disease that can be transmitted between people and lead to much more severe consequences such as paralysis and even death. In Sweden, vaccination against polio is part of the general vaccination program.

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Duration: 15 min

When is a polio vaccine needed?

From the 1960s onwards, most born people received a polio vaccine. The more doses are taken, the better and more specific the body's defences against the disease. People who do not have polio vaccination in adulthood will take longer until adequate protection is achieved. You must receive the dosage periodically. First, three doses are taken over six months, followed by a fourth after four years. After that, the protection remains for the rest of life. It may be good for those vaccinated against polio at a younger age to take a new dose before travelling abroad where polio may be more common to ensure their protection, especially for people who plan to stay in the country for a more extended period.

Does polio vaccination have any side effects?

Vaccination against polio can be done by injection or orally. Oral vaccination is not relevant in Sweden because it can give as this can give serious side effects. Side effects during injection are irritation, swelling and redness around the injection site.

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