Rabies is a viral disease that damages the nervous system and causes partial paralysis, involuntary movements, and water fear. Sweden is one of the few countries that is said to be free from rabies. Otherwise, it is found pretty much all over the world. Rabies is mainly transmitted from dogs and its bites but can also be transmitted from other animals. The disease almost always leads to death, and several thousand people die every year due to rabies.

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When is rabies vaccination needed?

Since the disease does not exist in Sweden, few people get vaccinated. Before travelling abroad, most people are not usually recommended to be vaccinated because the risk of becoming infected is not particularly significant unless infected animals are nearby. It is essential to know that if an animal bites someone, vaccination can prevent the disease shortly afterwards. Then it may be a good idea to get vaccinated against rabies.

Does the rabies vaccine have any side effects?

It is very uncommon for severe allergic reactions to occur as a side effect of the rabies vaccine. The side effects are redness and tenderness around the injection site. Some may even experience dizziness or fever, which passes within a few days.

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