Travel vaccines

Travel vaccine is the common name for vaccines recommended for travel abroad. It is usually recommended to take travel vaccine. There are also vaccinations, such as yellow fever, which are mandatory to be admitted in specific countries. Some diseases are severe, and getting vaccinated against them is an obvious and strong recommendation.

What diseases is it common to get vaccinated against before travelling?

First and foremost, it is recommended to review their essential protection, which the majority of all children in Sweden receive in connection with early vaccination. As the essential protection decreases over the years, it is good to have reviewed its status before a trip. Several diseases are infrequent in Sweden, while the infection remains in other countries. In addition to the essential protection, vaccination against hepatitis A and hepatitis B and a vaccine against cholera are often recommended. However, it is vital to remember that all countries have different infections. Therefore, check what applies to the countries well in advance of departure.

How much does a travel vaccine cost?

The price of a travel vaccine varies depending on which vaccine it is. For specific prices, see the price list on the website.

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