Rubella, also known as Rubella, is an infectious disease caused by the RNA virus. Rubella is classified as a childhood disease and is contagious. Since many children are vaccinated already at 18 months, Rubella is uncommon in Sweden compared to before. However, the condition is found worldwide and can be expected in several countries. The incubation period for the disease is approximately 2 to 3 weeks, and then red skin rashes appear. The symptoms are usually fever, runny nose, brown or bluish-red rash, joint pain and swollen lymph nodes.
Rubella can cause severe congenital disabilities. Therefore the vaccine against Rubella is a part of the Swedish general vaccination program.It is effective and reduces the risk of congenital disabilities due to Rubella. .

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Duration: 15 min

When should I take the Rubella vaccine?

The vaccine against Rubella is given in a combination vaccine for measles, mumps and Rubella, also called MPR. This is offered in two doses, of which the first dose is given when the child is 18 months, and the second dose is given when the child is in grades 1-2 via student health. Rubella is still relatively common in other countries. All individuals should review their own and their children's protection if travel abroad is planned. It is extra essential for pregnant women to review the protection as the fetus may be in danger. If someone is infected early in pregnancy, there is a greater risk of being born with heart defects, vision and hearing defects, brain damage, and Rubella. It can also, in some cases, lead to miscarriage.

Does the rubella vaccine have any side effects?

Vaccination against Rubella belongs to the combination vaccine MPR (measles, Mumps and Rubella). The vaccine contains live attenuated virus strains of the diseases. The vaccine's side effects may be a milder type of cold. About 5–10 percent of those who get vaccinated may develop pale rashes and fever for a few weeks after vaccination. Children can suffer from joint pain, febrile convulsions, allergic reaction and short-term enlargement of lymph nodes. However, these side effects are infrequent.

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